Are you Hall of Fame material?


Are you Hall of Fame material?
Are you Hall of Fame material?

As an NFL coach for the last 12 years, I’ve had to deal with a lot of players, coaches and situations. Some of these players were unbelievable talents and some were just unbelievable. After watching the Hall of Fame inductions this weekend, I thought about how relevant this is to our Football 101 Series.

One of the biggest mysteries, as a coach, has always been “How do you find the perfect player?”. As an organization, in the NFL, we would define the makeup of  the perfect player we desired so that the General Manager, scouts and other talent evaluators would all be on the same page. It’s very similar to buying a house. You make a wish list of everything you desire and search for a home that matches what you want and need.

By doing this, I began to discover that this “wishlist” applies universally to relationships, business, raising a family and anything else that involves human beings. Some of these will need translation, but this is an actual checklist used by many NFL teams today. Some of these will need translation which you’ll see.

Put a check in front of these quick questions to realistically evaluate your potential for greatness. But if you want the accurate score, have someone that knows you well answer these questions about you.


For a player to make a positive contribution to the team he must be willing to:


____ Prepares himself mentally and physically on and off the field by being a student of the game by giving attention and energy to detail (doing the ‘little things’ right).

Whether at home (office, school) or away from home (office, school), they make the appropriate decisions mentally and physical to improve themselves and the team.


____ Accept the positive and negative aspects of being a player in stride and never allow the ebbs and flows to effect his or her attitude or performance on or off the field.

Self explanatory regarding being able to control emotions.


____ Minimize distractions and control the tone of the team in difficult situations.

Self explanatory regarding being a leader and being focused on the success of the team.



____ Congratulate and encourage on the positive and easily forgive the poor play of his teammates.

Self explanatory



____ Understand the defense/offense and what it is trying to accomplish.

Are they on the same page as the unit as far as goals and what it takes to get there.



____ Have an understanding of opponents concepts.

Can they see the pitfalls, social distractions or competition they face daily and how they are being targeted?


____ A player who is mentally and physically tough with a long “short” memory.

Self explanatory. A long “short” memory is knowing how you’ve messed up but not letting it hold you or others back from moving forward and getting back in the saddle.



____ A player who truly cares about his teammates and the organization he represents.

Self explanatory


____ A player who is equally talented versus the run or pass.

A person that is multitalented or multidimensional that adds value.



____ A player who can focus and concentrate for four quarters.

A person in it for the long haul through the ups, downs and sideways with the same passion in the 4th quarter that they had in the 1st quarter.



____ A player who can respond to pressure, keep his composure, get turnovers and make plays that can win a game.

Self explanatory regarding tough times and situations and figures out a way to get it done when it’s crunch time.


____ A player who squeezes the trigger and lives with those decisions.

Not afraid to make mistakes and if he or she does, they are fine with the results. They embrace decisions and consequences.


____ A player who constantly strives to develop sound fundamentals.

A grounded person that’s constantly trying to find ways to improve themselves, others and the situation they are in.


____ A student of the game that understands the big picture.

Self explanatory


If you checked:

(0-5 )   Just a guy/girl/employee/ (Easily replaced or average)

(6-10)  Solid contributor

(7-13)  Perennial Pro Bowler

(14)     Hall of Famer


How did you stack up? Are you a JAG (Jus A Guy/Girl) business owner or employee? Are you a solid contributor as a friend? Or are you a Hall of Fame wife or girlfriend? Football 101 Series is designed to empower our friends to become Hall of Famers in every aspect of their lives.


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  1. I believe I’m a, “Hall of Fame” wifey all the way! I love this check list by the way, really gives everyone something to look for. Interesting how you compare picking players to buying a house; looking for the best possible qualities. It is true when you think about it. You want your players to be strong so that your team is strong. In order to get strong players, they need to have certain standards. I’m sure the list changes depending on the coach, but the general idea is the same. If you could find a player with most of these qualities, It’s safe to say that you may of just found gold.


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